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Alba believes that the current role of many Quality Departments is too passive.  It appears that many people in the Quality Department operate simply as a “policeman” to say “go” or “no go”.  We have been instrumental in changing the focus of Quality Departments to become more proactive, and to start focusing on trends so that potential problems could be quickly identified.

An aid to accomplish this is to institute some basic measures.  We have successfully implemented procedures and systems for Statistical Quality Control (SQC), Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Sampling Techniques and developed productivity improvements based on Cost of Quality.  

We are in favor of:

  • Statistical Quality Control (SQC) is a technique that should be used in every company.  It is simply a tool to identify discrepancies by part number, part feature, drawing zone, work center and operator.  An analysis of this information can readily identify the root cause of the problem and help in creating an effective solution.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a subset of SQC, and is a technique for checking samples of a large production run, thus optimizing the cost of inspection with the cost of rejects.  I find that very often the terms SQC and SPC are used incorrectly and interchangeably.  The difference between SQC and SPC is clearly spelt out by Feigenbaum and Juran!
  • Statistical Sampling Techniques are very helpful, particularly in high volume production, if properly applied.
  • Cost of Quality is an excellent measure that every company should have.  It measures the total cost of non-conformance to the company.  This includes scrap, rework, warranty etc. and should not be solely directed towards the manufacturing departments.  Targets should be set in units, standard minutes or hours, or in dollars.
We are also proficient in the use of the Minitab Statistical Software which we installed in a medical devices company.


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