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Manufacturing Engineering

Alba will also assist in the resolution of day-to-day Manufacturing Engineering issues.  Manufacturing Engineering comprises process planning, methods engineering, NC programming, tool design and tool control.  The utilization of "best practices" are essential for the successful implementation of many of today’s productivity enhancing technologies and processes improvements.  These technologies and processes include, JIT, lean manufacturing, focused factories, cellular manufacturing etc.

The principal, in two of his prior positions, was responsible for creating, training and staffing two highly technical and dedicated manufacturing engineering departments, with each department consisting of over 30 manufacturing engineers and with considerable hands on input from himself.

Our approach in this area is, once again, influenced by our wide experience in implementing the latest manufacturing technologies and techniques.  There is a critical shortage of competent manufacturing engineers today.  Consequently, instead of expecting an engineer to be responsible for a complete assembled product, and to be an expert in an extensive range of processes which are necessary to manufacture all the components of the assembled product, we recommend that the focus be on the cellular manufacturing process and not the product.  

The following are typical of some issues that we have solved by an application of good pragmatic manufacturing engineering principles:


·         Concurrent engineering whereby the gap between the design department and the shop floor can usually be bridged by assigning a manufacturing engineer to the project at the initial concept and support him with some simple procedural guidelines.


·         Plant layout using material flow analysis techniques and routing analysis techniques such as Production Flow Analysis (PFA).  This technique is very useful in identifying the manufacturing “cells” in a cellular layout.


·         Reduction in throughput time by scheduling jobs by using similar tooling setups.


·         Reduction in scrap by focusing on the root cause and developing close collaboration between the manufacturing, marketing and design departments.


·        Cost reduction by combining several operations into one.  In many cases this involves design for manufacture procedures.


Also please note that good manufacturing engineering practices are essential for a successful lean manufacturing program.


Design for Producibility

Alba Consulting offers a Design for Producibility service for new product introduction and for resolving Producibility issues on existing designs.  In liaison with your staff, we will review your initial concepts thoroughly from a manufacturing and cost perspective.

As a secondary service, we are proficient in the use of the SolidWorks mechanical design automation software and, if appropriate, will use this software to supply you with a complete set of solid model files and a drawing package using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.  

From the SolidWorks models and drawings, engineering changes and manufacturing Producibility issues will be resolved.  Stereolithography "rapid prototyping" techniques can be used to create 3D prototypes for marketing presentations and for real testing or assembly mockups.

We will develop fixturing concepts and tooling, create manufacturing process plans, quality plans, select and supervise the installation and debugging of new capital equipment and manage the project through to successful production.

The Rapid Prototyping, SolidWorks and building of fixtures would be subcontracted to a third party.  We would act as Project Managers, be closely involved in all aspects of this work and then take full charge of the project when it hits your shop floor. 


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