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Interim Management

Alba Consulting will also be pleased to assist companies in Interim Management assignments.  These assignments can be for responsibility for the whole company or for individual departments

The principal’s prior managerial experience in companies such as GE (aircraft engines), Bendix Electrodynamics, Dresser Pump, Hughes Electron Dynamics, and Thor Industries in positions such as Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Operations Director and Director of Materials uniquely qualifies him for a variety of Interim Management positions in a variety of industries.

Our approach to these assignments will be in line with our company’s overall goals.  That is, we will not manage these assignments with a “monitoring” or “maintenance” mentality.  Our approach will be to quickly identify the problems, solve these problems and install processes, procedures and systems to ensure that they stay solved.  In parallel with this approach we will also assist in, or be responsible for, the training and selection, internally or by outside recruitment, of a suitable candidate for the open position.



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