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Alba Consulting is dedicated to supplying expert guidance and services to resolve critical problems in manufacturing operations.  Alba's mission is to help small and medium sized companies, in the metalworking and associated industries, achieve vital competitive advantage.  Our aim is to bring large company expertise (without the bureaucracy and inertia) to smaller companies at a very reasonable cost.

We have considerable expertise, and a history of realizing significant financial improvements in the following functional areas:

  1.             A strong focus on measuring and controlling the Cost of Quality.  Included in this measure would be scrap, rework, and warranty cost in all areas of the company, not solely in the manufacturing areas.  Implementation of Statistical Quality Control (SQC) will take care of the measurement part.  Eliminating waste and non-value added activities which Lean Manufacturing focuses on, will take care of the control side.

  2.       Implementation of Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) or, as it is now called, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and the associated training and process changes required for an optimum implementation.  We strongly believe that a properly implemented ERP system is essential to supply the information necessary to run a business.

  3.             Optimization of the plant, processes and procedures using techniques which, although basically identical in procedure, are called a variety of names, that is, group technology, cellular manufacturing or Lean Manufacturing.  

  4.       Optimization of Manufacturing Engineering processes to include CAD/CAM systems, methods, tooling and fixturing, and the development and successful introduction of new products and equipment.  

  5.            Interim Management, or assistance in implementing an effective company turnaround strategy, where immediate help is required on a short-term basis and also where an immediate impact and improvement is required.  

We have a proven standard approach to solving problems and this approach has been successful with different companies over a thirty year period.  We do recognize that each company has its own culture and, consequently, we will refine our approach to effect the best possible solution for the individual company.  

We solicit the input of all members of your company and believe that this "data gathering", or familiarization, process should take days, and not weeks, or months, as is common with the larger consulting companies.  We also believe in "teaching by doing" so, instead of lectures to large classrooms, we will tend to pick a small pilot project so that the employees can become comfortable with the new process or system.

Members of your company will be actively involved in the projects and learn each part of the new system or process intimately.  We will share our knowledge openly, and train your employees to be competent in the new processes.  It is Alba's desire to build relationships with companies.  Repeat business indicates that we have been successful in our initial assignments, and we also want to be seen as a resource that the company can call on from time to time.

The following pages focus on the areas of our core competencies.  We have taken a conversational tone and discussed our philosophical approach in these areas.  Our intent is to create the impression that we know what we are talking about.  We are not theorists.  We provide a pragmatic, hands-on, common sense to improving our clients operations.

Please read the Glossary page which contains simple definitions for some of today's buzzwords plus our 'slant' on some of these buzzwords.

All our recommendations and implementations are focused on improving the bottom line.  Please see the section "We are Free!" to see cost savings that have been accomplished in the past.


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